Ra'alloy aluminum van ramps have proved  the market leader over the past 25 years. Suitable for use on any van including Strinter and Boxer type vans to the smallest van.
Their superb engineering has tried to be copied by others who have failed.
Many companies are still using the same Ra'alloy Van Ramp they purchased 25 years ago and they still remain in virtually the same condition as when they purchased them.
Our ramps are particularly designed to withstand substantial misuse, while at the same time lightweight enough for easy handling, yet heavy enough to stay in place during use and not bounce of the edge of the vehicle
All Aluminium Construction
Our portable van ramps are manufactured from construction grade aluminum.
Side Stringer Details
Our standard duty van ramps have a 7.5 cm side Stringer and the flooring sits approximately 2.5 cm below the top.
Anti Slip Floor
Ra`alloy Ramps have an exclusive anti slip floor that has been proved to remain non slip in most weather conditions including ice.
Rest On Top
Our Rest On top offers the ultimate in safety. Side Stringer up-stands continue to the end of the ramp and onto the van, this is a great safety feature and gives a guide to making sure that you are wheeling or walking on the ramp